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Arizona Asthma Coalition Meeting

Jun 25, 2014
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Arizona Asthma Coalition

Patients and Families: If you or someone in your family has asthma, you can learn about the disease, how to control it and live a normal life.

Health Care Providers If you are a physician, nurse, respiratory therapist, health educator, school nurse or child care worker, you can learn about the National Asthma Guildelines or "best practices" for managing asthma.

Community Support and Resources: Find information about asthma education classes, support groups, asthma camp, asthma conferences for providers, special events and links to other web sites about asthma.

The Arizona Asthma Coalition: Learn more about our organization, who belongs, accomplishments, activities and how to get involved.

Click here to view a video on Asthma

Mission: The Arizona Asthma Coalition will serve as a catalyst to decrease the burden of asthma in Arizona through awareness, advocacy and education.

Vision: To eliminate deaths from asthma.




  • Achieve cleaner air for all Arizonans through public policy
  • Advocate for better access to healthcare for all Arizonans
  • Improve asthma outcomes through education and awareness
  • Build coalitions, relationships and partnerships

Get your flu shot today!  People with asthma and other respiratory illnesses have a harder time getting over the flu.

 Asthma Can be Controlled. Expect No Less.


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