School Nurse Asthma Tool Kit

The School Nurse’s Tool Kit contains some key points and new information about asthma. It is not intended to be comprehensive and it does not cover all aspects of asthma care and management. In addition to the information contained in the School Nurse’s Tool Kit, we have added several links to asthma action plans. There are many asthma action plans available, but we have given you a few to choose from, in both English and Spanish. Other resources will be added to the web site, so check to see what new tools are available.

School Nurses Tool Kit

Asthma Action Plan - American Lung Association

AAP - Peak Flow Numbers (English)

AAP - Peak Flow Numbers (Spanish)

Asthma Action Plan - Standard (English)

Asthma Action Plan - Standard (Spanish)

Asthma Action Plan - Peak Flow Meter Calculator

Using Inhalers