Asthma Relief for Children in Schools

Now Easier than Ever

Now schools in the state of Arizona can easily provide quick relief medication (e.g., Albuterol) to children in respiratory distress. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How does my school participate in this program?

A:  The AAC website has everything needed for a school to enroll in and implement the stock inhaler program. Enroll Your School.


Q:  How much does it cost to participate in this program?

A:  We estimate that the cost should be no more than $114/school for the medication and spacers.

Storing the Stock Inhaler

Q:  Where should my school store the stock inhaler?

A:  The school should store the stock inhaler in a secure location that is accessible by a trained school staff member.  Generally, albuterol inhalers should be stored at room temperature.

Medical Order

Q:  Where do we get a medical order for the stock albuterol?

A:  Schools can obtain the medical order from the school district's or school's medical director.

Off-Campus Events

Q:  Does the law require schools to provide stock albuterol at school or related school events on or off campus?

A:  No, the law does not require schools to provide stock albuterol at school or related school events that occur on or off campus. However,  schools can make the inhaler available for these conditions if they choose.

Inhaler Use

Q:  Who can use the stock inhaler?

A:  Any individual who presents with respiratory distress may be administered the stock inhaler by a trained school staff member.

Side Effects

Q:  Can albuterol hurt a child if they do not have asthma?

A:  The risk is much greater to not treat a child with the stock inhaler regardless of asthma diagnosis.  Side effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea, and sore throat are possible but are usually limited in duration and not severe. 


Q:  Who provides the training of school personnel to administer stock albuterol?

A: The stock inhaler training is provided online by the Western Region Public Health Training Center at the University of Arizona, College of Public Health.


Q:  What if a child without a physician diagnosis of asthma uses the inhaler, is the school / nurse held liable?

A:  If a child presents with respiratory distress, the school’s designated personnel who have completed the required training should administer the stock albuterol.  SB 2208 indemnifies the school / school staff from any liability associated with good faith use of the stock inhaler.


Questions specific to the implementation may be send to Ashley Lowe via email at Please include your name, school and contact information when sending your email.