2017 NEW SChool Inhaler Program

State legislature HB2208 and subsequent Arizona School Board of Education ruling now make it possible for public and charter schools to administer emergency Albuterol inhalers.

The inhaler regulation, pursuant to A.R.S. 155-158, includes the following provisions:

  • School district and charter schools that elect to administer inhalers shall develop inhaler policies and procedures in compliance with the regulations.
  • At least two designated employees per school must have annual training to recognize the symptoms of respiratory distress and how to render emergency treatment, the proper storage of medications, and emergency follow-up procedures.
  • Participating schools are required to have a standing order for the use of the medication and a prescription issued by the chief medical officer of a county health department, a physician or nurse practitioner.
  • Schools are allowed to accept monetary donations or grants for the purchase of inhalers, spacer and holding chambers.
  • Persons who issue the standing order or employees of schools are immune from civil liability.

The annual cost to provide a stock inhaler and spacer or holding chamber to a school is $114. AAC is hosting all the information and online training needed to implement this program in your school.

R7-2-810  Emergency Administration of Inhalers

Program Implementation Information

School Nurse Asthma Tool Kit

The School Nurse’s Tool Kit contains some key points and new information about asthma. It is not intended to be comprehensive and it does not cover all aspects of asthma care and management. In addition to the information contained in the School Nurse’s Tool Kit, we have added several links to asthma action plans. There are many asthma action plans available, but we have given you a few to choose from, in both English and Spanish. Other resources will be added to the web site, so check to see what new tools are available.

School Nurses Tool Kit

Asthma Action Plan - American Lung Association

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Using Inhalers