HB 2229 (Now AZ Statute 15-341-36) Asthma Rescue Medication Bill - Signed 4/11/05

Allows for a pupil who has written parental consent to possess and self-administer handheld inhaler devices for breathing disorders and establishes an exemption from civil liability for school districts and employees who, in good faith, make decisions or take actions to implement these provisions.


  • Allows for the possession and self-administration of prescription medication for breathing disorders by the pupil who has been prescribed the medication by a licensed physician or licensed health care professional if the pupil’s name is on the handheld inhaler device or medical container.
  • Exempts school districts and employees from civil liability for all decisions made and actions taken in good faith to implement these provisions.
  • Requires parents to provide annual written documentation authorizing the pupil to possess and self-administer a handheld inhaler.
  • Makes technical and conforming changes.