Checklist for School Inhaler Implementation

Below is a list of steps required to implement the School Inhaler Program.

Step 1 - Enroll school in program (enrollment doesn't commit you to being in the program but it does provide us with your information so we can assist you  - School Enrollment

Step 2 - Obtain approval to implement the program from your school district.

Step 3 - Determine your school district's medical director.

Step 4 - Designate two personnel at your school to complete online training curriculum and be designated/certified to administer. These personnel will also be responsible for completing forms and maintaining records onsite. School Staff Training Form

Step 5 - Complete training. Online Training Curriculum Instructions

Step 6 - Download forms (all forms listed below)

Step 7 - Obtain Standing Medical Order from Medical Director. Standing Medical Order Template Form

Step 8 - Obtain prescription for inhalers and spacers - schools should not accept donated inhalers or spacers but may accept cash donations to purchase. Prescription Template Form

Step 9 - Fill prescriptions and store in secure location that is accessible by trained school staff member.