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Did you know that 32,000 Arizonans are admitted to Emergency Rooms each year for asthma? Public funds cover the majority of costs. Yet with appropriate outpatient care following national asthma guidelines, most of these visits are preventable. Our Coalition needs to remain strong so we can target support for better services and improved quality of life for Arizonans living with asthma.

As a nonprofit partnership since 1996, AAC has worked together with concerned stakeholders including public health, environmental quality, managed care, education, individual physicians and nurses, hospitals, foundations, families and other colleagues. Our accomplishments include:

  • Supporting advocacy efforts resulting in the passing of AZ House Bill 2208 allowing public and charter schools to stock and administer asthma medication to students during an emergency and hosting the information necessary for implementation on the AAC website.
  • Advocating for legislation concerning medication and anaphylaxis school carry bills, clean air bills and a school nurse in every school with 750 students or more.
  • Publishing and distributing a Provider's Asthma Tool Kit, a School Nurse Asthma Tool Kit and a Patient-Family Asthma Tool Kit to healthcare providers throughout the state.
  • Developing and distributing a position paper on asthma, titled "Breathing Easier in Arizona: An Action Plan for Change."
  • Hosting the Annual Arizona Asthma Conference since 2006.
  • Creating policy statements on access to healthcare, air quality and other environmental issues impacting people with asthma.

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