2016 Arizona Asthma Burden Report


Executive Summary

Asthma is a common chronic respiratory condition that affects millions of Americans across the age span on a daily basis. In Arizona, it is estimated that more than 615,000 residents have asthma. Asthma can be a life-threatening condition – almost 100 Arizona residents die every year due to asthma. In addition, asthma affects the quality of life for a majority of the individuals with asthma by limiting physical activity and causing work and school absenteeism.

Asthma is unevenly distributed throughout society. Among youth, boys are more likely than girls to have asthma, and among adults, females are more likely than males to have asthma. By race, African Americans are more likely to have asthma, to be hospitalized due to asthma, and to die from asthma. In addition, low-income and less educated individuals are more likely to have asthma, as are smokers and obese individuals.

Fortunately, asthma episodes can be controlled through proper medical care and individual assessment. Health care providers can decrease the impact of asthma through ongoing monitoring of individuals with asthma, prescription of medications....