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The Arizona Asthma Coalition (AAC) is a non-profit partnership founded in 1996. Coalition members include state and local public health departments, state and local environmental departments, the Indian Health Service, health plans, faculty from colleges and universities, school health nurses, community non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical companies, individual physicians, school nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists and asthma educators.

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Patient Assistance Programs for Medication and Equipment 

Many of the pharmaceutical companies have Patient Assistance Programs for patients without benefits and low-income families.  For assistance go to the Partership of Prescription Assistance -


The Phoenix Children’s Hospital Breathmobile is a self-contained mobile asthma clinic. The clinic travels among the inner-city schools in Phoenix and will provide asthma identification, teaching and treatment for those students.

Camp Not-a-Wheeze 

May 27 - June 2, 2017 in Prescott, Arizona

Come join us for a magical summer experience!  Camp Not-A-Wheeze is the premier residential camp of its kind in Arizona, providing children with astham with a safe, traditional camp experience.  Camp takes place at the Friendly Pines facility in Prescott, where children participate in activities ranging from horseback riding, hiking, canoeing and fishing.  Children also attend asthma education classes to learn more about properly managing their asthma.  Campers are accompanied by licensed medical professionals, who volunteer their time to ensure a safe, well monitored environment.  More more information go to:

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